Danny Harrison for Texas

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Health Care
There is a lot going on with the state of healthcare in the US.  This is having a major impact on Texans.  Texas leads the nation with 16% of the population without proper
health insurance.

Congress is currently considering how to reform or replace the Affordable Care Act.  While we don’t know how this will end, one thing is for sure…Texans need a change that will
provide affordable coverage for everyone.

Danny will fight for Texans to ensure that their needs are met.  He will work with the federal legislators to ensure that pre-existing conditions get the treatments that they need.
He will champion the need to have insurance rates that help make coverage available to everyone.  He will ensure that children are still covered up to the age of 26.
Most importantly, he will make sure that your voice is heard.

Education is where we can start to make the difference.  There are 5.3 million students enrolled in Texas public schools.  If we focus efforts to better educate our children,
we can change the future of Texas.  If we don’t, we risk growing welfare programs and increased crime.

Danny wants to modestly increase the budget for the Texas education system.  This will allow the opportunity to ensure that the best educators and resources can be provided
to our students.  At the same time, he will revise the way that money is distributed amongst the schools.  There are 1,200 school districts, with more than 8,900 schools.
The way that money is distributed today, leaves many schools underfunded.

Danny will focus on classroom size to ensure that the student to teacher ratio is optimized to improve the quality of teaching.  He will create new training programs for the
teachers to ensure that they are prepared and equipped to provide the best education for our children.  He will also put an emphasis on remedial classes to help struggling students.

Higher Education
The state used to pay half of the cost of higher education and the schools paid the other half.  Today, the state only pays 15% of the cost.  This burdens the schools with 85% of
the cost.  This gets passed on to the students.  Student debt is higher than the national credit card debt.

Danny will increase the amount of money that the state puts into higher education.  Additionally, he will put a freeze on the tuition that four year universities and colleges charge.
This will give time to look at ways to keep the cost lower, and allow our students to get the education that they need to be able to compete on a national and global level.

Free Market
Danny is passionate about boosting the economy and creating more jobs for Texans.  To do this, some regulations need to be relaxed or even eliminated.A good example of this is Tesla Motors.  There is a state ban that prevents car manufacturers from selling directly to consumers.  This means that Tesla cannot use their proven sales model in Texas.
More importantly, they cannot pass the cost savings on to the consumer.

Bringing the gaming industry into Texas is another way to boost the economy.  It is a strong income stream to add to the other industries that we already have.  The gaming
industry would add 75,000 new jobs, equaling $8-11 Billion in income.  Additionally, it would add over $1 Billion to the state’s bottom line.

Danny will also look to reduce other regulations that are impeding the growth of the 2.6 million small businesses in Texas.  These businesses are the foundation that
Texas is built on.  They employ almost 46% of the private workforce in Texas.  Their prosperity is essential for the prosperity of Texas.

Economic Agenda
Danny will explore ways to bring more money into the Texas economy.  He will start with the backbone of the Texas economy, small business.  There are 2.6 million small
businesses in the state of Texas.  He will help to awaken the “sleeping giant” by offering small business loans and reducing regulations that make it hard for them to
operate and grow.

Danny wants to expand Texas’ lead in the renewable energy sector.  While Texas leads the nation in wind generated power, solar power is a resource that has not been fully tapped.
The available levels of direct solar radiation in West Texas give Texas the largest solar power potential in the nation.  The agricultural and forestry sectors provide Texas with abundant biomass and biofuel resources.  As well as the untapped geothermal resources.

The gaming industry will also bring more jobs into Texas.  Bringing the gaming industry into Texas will add 75,000 jobs, equaling $8-11 Billion in income for Texans.Danny will continue to work with Mexico.  They are Texas’ largest trading partner.  He will work to help support Mexico in many industries and strengthen our relationship.

Immigration Reform
There needs to be a clear path to citizenship. The hard-working, law-abiding people that have come to this country should have a way to get a working permit or become citizens.

Justice/Prison Reform
Jail and prison overcrowding is a major problem. There are over 29,000 inmates in the Texas prison system for drug possession. We need to reform the laws that are putting
people in jail for minor possession of drugs. This is costing the state millions of dollars. This money could be put to better use.

Gun Rights
Danny supports Texans rights to responsibly own firearms, provided that they pass a background check.

Danny is prolife.